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WHITCHURCH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLan – please click here to see latest information.

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April 2022 Update:

In the last weeks we have received draft copies of the Site Environmental Assessment Report (SEA) plus the draft Design Code.  Comments have been collated and returned.  The SEA along with the technical assessment of each site, which at the time of writing is still outstanding, will help us to determine the most suitable site/s for Whitchurch in conjunction with the policies that have been discussed at the village consultations.  We hope to receive the technical assessment soon.  Work has also been carried out with regard to finalising additional protection n to our valued green spaces.

In November we were advised that a new housing target for the village would be determined soon, but it has since been made clear to the steering group that Buckinghamshire County Council will not be in a position to provide us with the definitive number of new homes that Whitchurch is expected to provide  – for some time.  The creation of a Local Plan for Buckinghamshire, that will ultimately replace the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan, is a long way into the future.  As a result of this we will have conversations soon with planning officers to work through this topic.  In order for the NP to be successfully adopted it not only has to be approved by residents, it also has to be acceptable to Buckinghamshire.  Our aim remains to secure the best possible outcome for the village, but the official designation of Whitchurch as a large village, by dint of its services not its population, will keep these conversations challenging.

It is important to keep i mind that the successful creation and adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan is the only way we can control where and what type of housing is built in the village.  We will bring you further updates as we draw these processes to a conclusion.

7th November 2021 – having held our four public consultations with residents this week – it was great to see so many of you, and to hear your questions – here are electronic copies of both the files we produced for you: 

2021 Nov 8 FAQS

2021 Nov 8 NP Doc November 4th and 7th V3

The questionnaire should be completed using Microsoft Word, please:


Should you wish to email us your completed questionnaire, please read both files carefully then send your responses to  by 14th November 2021.    THANK YOU!


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