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whitchurch neighbourhood draft plan is just completing section 14, AS AT MARCH/april 2023. CLICK ON HOME PAGE/WHITCHURCH GREEN LOGo above.

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Parish Council approval given to submit

Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan to

Buckinghamshire Council.

Following careful consideration of all comments received during

the Regulation 14 consultation process, Whitchurch Parish

Council were updated during the Parish Council meeting on

April 17th about the limited changes made to the draft

Neighbourhood Plan. There are no substantive changes and the

updated and final version of the Plan was provided before the

meeting with a summary of key changes given at the meeting by

the steering group Chair. The Parish Council members present

unanimously approved that the final version of the Plan should

be submitted to Buckinghamshire Council and the plan has

therefore now passed Regulation 15.

Next step is Regulation 16 : The Whitchurch Neighbourhood

Plan will now be formally submitted to Buckinghamshire Council

for further review and they will ultimately appoint an

independent examiner to consider the Whitchurch

Neighbourhood Plan for alignment with due process, plus

national and local policies. This has to happen before a

referendum (Yes or No) to approve the Plan can happen, but we

are now in the latter stages of the process and getting ever

closer to the village referendum and securing a Neighbourhood

Plan to help define the development of Whitchurch until 2040.

Your Village, Your Neighbourhood Plan.

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