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HOW TO report PROBLEMS WITH streetlightS, overhanging trees, roadside drainS, potholes etc.

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Information For Residents

When reporting an issue, it is important you provide as much information as possible and upload at least one photograph but the more the better. Issues reported with a detailed explanation and photographs will be dealt with quicker than vague one liners with no photograph. Also, the more residents that report the same issue, the more chance it will be dealt with quicker.


Streetlight Season 

I thought I would give you details of what should happen if you come across a defective streetlight. Any defective streetlight should be reported to the clerk at the parish council, and you should include the following information:

  • The nature of the problem
  • the exact location (please give the number of the house the streetlight is nearest to) and, in some cases, the number of the streetlight. These are usually white numbers with the street abbreviated e.g HS3 – High Street. Please do not include the yellow number.


The parish council will then pass the information on to the council’s contractor for them to include in the repair schedule.


Overhanging Trees, Hedges, and Foliage

Just a reminder that any overhanging foliage on to adjoining footpaths can be a danger to pedestrians walking past. In some cases, the foliage could block the vision of car drivers emerging from neighbouring properties.

Residents have a duty to ensure that their property does not present a danger to others, so please look at your front, and in some cases, your rear garden boundaries to ensure that your beautiful and admired bushes, shrubs, and trees are not over hanging and presenting a danger to others.

The parish council does get reports of offending foliage etc. Once it does the problem area will be inspected and, if needed, a letter will go to the resident requesting that work is undertaken to cut back the offending foliage, so to prevent a visit or letter please check your boundaries and cut back any foliage that is encroaching on to the pathway. This applies to fallen leaves, pine needles etc, that will need to be swept up to keep the pavement clear.


Roadside Drains

Following the last parish council meeting a few roadside drains were reported as being blocked. These have been reported to Transport for Bucks for clearing. Again, when reporting blocked drains please give the details of the house that they are closest to, with a description of the problem.



There are certain issues that are not the responsibility of the parish council but fall under the remit of Buckinghamshire Council and so they should be informed if there is a problem. The preferred method for reporting favoured by Buckinghamshire Council is to report it on the fixmystreet website – – the issue will then be allocated to the appropriate department.

1 thought on “HOW TO report PROBLEMS WITH streetlightS, overhanging trees, roadside drainS, potholes etc.”

  1. Hello Andrea

    I just found this on the Whitchurch website – not sure whether you reported it to Fix My Street? Anyway, I had already reported numerous drain problems down (and off) lower Oving Road, and I know that most of those have been attended to. There was actually a burst pipe underground, as well – since repaired as you may have seen. I have just requested the unblocking of 3 more drains around Mount Pleasant and one by Whitchurch House, as well as a cleaning of all bollards and traffic signs and fresh white lines all around the village. The telepone EE mast that is on Manor Farm is shortly going to be taken down, then a new one installed on the left verge of the A413 as you head north out of the village. This is something that we have been notified about, but not anything that either the parish council, nor Bucks Council, have any say over.

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