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Winslow Rotary Club are encouraging as any people as possible to take part in a virtual balloon race.  Adults can take part and it’s an especially fun and participative activity for youngsters too, if you care to “buy” a balloon for them. 

Each participant chooses a balloon and uses their skill to judge how thick the rubber of the balloon should be, how much virtual gas to put it in etc.  The aim being that if their balloon travels the furthest, they will win a prize… and a very worthwhile prize too.

Not only do participants get to choose the spec for their balloon but they can then decorate it with a design, picture or whatever and could certainly fill an hour or two doing so.  The race will take place on Halloween so lots of opportunities for spooky design work.

Continuing the Halloween theme, the launch place is Count Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. (Yes, a real place in Rumania) and entrants will be able to track their balloon’s progress online as it sets off across Central Europe.  Some balloons will “pop” early, some will soar on and on and win a prize.

All this for a very reasonable £3 per balloon.   Go on! Have a go, or two. The attached flyer and web address explain how to get a balloon. Winslow Rotary’s aim is of course to raise funds for its various charitable activities; as you might imagine the cancellation of almost all fundraising activities is severely restricting us from supporting the community as well as we would wish.

We have created a page on our club website https://www.winslowrotary.club/ for you to navigate your way to ECO Racing which is the company hosting this virtual Balloon Race.  They have a page dedicated to Winslow Rotary Club and a link for you to buy balloons.  You can also buy vouchers as presents for the children, grandchildren, other family members and friends for them to participate.  Once on the ECO Racing site you will have to register with contact details so they get in touch when you win!!Attached are 2 flyers, one in colour and the other in Black & white  for you to send out to all your family and friends.  Also the attached link to a short video about the race if you want  distribute this.        https://youtu.be/greSNvLDIxc

This is very much a trial run to raise funds, so please contact everybody you know  and see if we can sell a great number of balloons and make this a success.

Thanks for your support.

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