January 4th

This month Florence Nightingale is holding a ladies' clothes sale at its furniture showroom in Chamberlain Road.  Details are in the poster.


January 14th

I am grateful to Ann-Marie, our Parish Clerk who has forwarded a copy of an Historic Towns Assessment compiled by Bucks County Council.

Queens Park Arts Centre has just reopened after the New Year break.  As usual they have an exciting programme, including theatrical, musical and craft events.  Among the latter is the woodcarving opportunities on Mondays.


March 28th

I have been very remiss over the last couple of months.  Over the next few days I hope to start making amends.  There are many exciting activities and celebrations coming up which I would like to promote, foremost among which will be those set up by the Whitchurch and Creslow Community Association.  The Parish Council has set up it's own website at www.whitchurchpc.org if you wish to contact it directly.  I feel that a good place to start is with David Peters' tribute to Sally Lincoln, who passed away last month.  If anyone has any memories of Sally which they would like to share please contact me and I will add them to Sally's page.

I'm pleased to be able to update on WCCA plans.  These are at the bottom of the index.  They will later be filed under WCCA's own page.


March 31st

My predessor, Andrew Pain sent me a link to a former resident of the village, Edward Daily who was a member of the team working at The Firs during WW11.  He had a fascinating story to tell.  The Firs - Winston's Toy Shop - played an eccentric role in devising weaponry to combat the Nazi message.  Check the index.


April 3rd

Following a successful season last year DJ2Party in association with Greensandjazz org.uk are bringing a new set of gigs to St Mary's Church in Aylesbury.  Kicking off with The Alex Garnett Quartet on April 21st tickets are bound to go well.  Order yours now.


April 4th

Please note that the agenda for next Monday's Parish Council Meeting meeting has been published - see the Parish Council's page.  Items on the agenda include:

Jean Fox presentation on Rural Housing.  I presume that this will be outlining where we fit into plans to permit developments.  In view of the number of apllications we have seen in the last couple of years, this could have a significant bearing on the village.

Update from Cllrs Meakin and Lincoln on a public meeting to discuss Parish Council priorities.

Two planning applications.

To discuss future use of the Whitchurch News to publicise Parish Council Meetings.  I feel that this is the most important way in which the Council can communicate with residents.  I believe that www.whitchurch.org has a contribution to make, but I'm sure our community takes more note of the content of the News.  A decision to withdraw or reduce minutes of meetings will have a detrimental effect on the interest residents take in Whitchurch.

Summer events at The White Swan.  There is now a page to promote the pub.  Roz and Pete have their usual variety of activities, many of which cater for all the family.  The coming weeks will be very busy and Pete tells me that WHITSTOCK this year will be even bigger and better.

WCCA has been very busy.  Check out their WCCA dates for 2016 page.


 April 8th

There is to be a major charity fund-raiser at Barrettstown on May 14th.  A black tie event, it should raise a great deal of money, much needed for its chosen charities.  Mindless idiots have attacked the organisers' banners by the gates.  Despite this they are ploughing on.  This has no connection with the recent controversy over the planning application which caused so much controversy and I wish them well.  There is a page about the event and the raffle tickets which will ba available locally.

Ladies Cricket.  Following the international success of women's cricket the ensuing stimulus has boosted the game and our neighbouring village has a programme for ladies of all ages.  See their advert.

Chairman's Annual Report.  I've just noticed that the 2015 one was missing.  That has now been added on to the Parish Council's page.  If you notice any other omissions or want a news item shared with readers, please let me know.

The CLA debate at Waterside, April 14th.  You may not have heard of the CLA.  It advertises itself as "An organisation that protects your land."  It works with and provides a service for owners of land, property and business in rural England and Wales.  There are regular updates on their website.  Whether you fall into any of the categories for which they work or have an interest in rural affairs, admission is free.  Doors open at the 2nd Space at 6pm for 6.30pm start.  The debate runs until about 8pm followed by a buffet.  To register you need to contact Sarah Furniss, Events Manager  on 01264 313434. This is an Andover number and not local, as I mistakenly tried to connect to.

You can read more about CLA on their website;  https://www.cla.org.uk


April 9th

I have been in touch with Roy Smither over the last few days.  He is married to Dot, a former Cheshire.  I am pleased to be able to draw your attention to a book which they have compiled about the Cheshire family and many other interesting facts about the families and life in our village over the past many centuries.  I have been privileged to have sight of some sections of the book and hope to be able to get a copy.


April 11th

Good news for all people in the village who want it to retain its village status.  Jean Fox, a Rural Housing advisor gave us a presentation on the potential for development in Whitchurch at tonight's PC meeting.  All land owners have the right to submit applications and everyone, with the exception of a small development off Bushmead Road has been rejected by AVDC Planning.  The Vale of Aylesbury plan was withdrawn and a new Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan is being drawn up.  There is a 5 year Housing Land Supply (Jan 2016) document which can be checked on the website.  Various other documents on AVDC's website are of great interest, but basically Jean gave the impression that no significant new developments could be made until next year.  The map shows a large area of land to the left at the top of the hill on the A413, Winslow side which had been suggested for development.  This was the first I had heard of it.  Again I felt that this was another undesirable expansion of the village.  This too has been rejected.  So we can breathe easy for some time.  If you wish to check out the sites which had been considered go to HELAA Aylesbury Vale District Council - pages 211-213.  Here you will find them listed with a map on the last page which can be magnified.


April 12th

I get weekly alerts from PetrolPrices.com on the cheapest petrol in the area.  Almost invariably the Gulf Service Station across the road from me compares very favourably with Tesco and the bigger outfits in Aylesbury.  When they got it down to 99.9p per litre earlier this year in town Gulf was only 101.9p.  Today PetrolPrices list Gulf and Tesco at 104.9.  The BP Station in Bicester Road is 106.9p.  With the excellent convenience store at Gulf, a very good hand car wash and garage behind it is another of the many good reasons for stopping off when travelling through the  village.

Parish Council Minutes

It was mentioned at last night's meeting that in future abbreviated minutes will be supplied for publication in The Whitchurch News.  This does make sense. Those in the current issue took up 4 x A5 pages.  I assume however that the clerk will continue to use the PCs own website - www.whitchurchpc.org - for the full record of meetings.  If you have any comments on this or any other matters in the village, please speak to a Councillor, email the clerk Ann-Marie Davis (annmariedavis55@gmail.com) or use the link to their website.


The excellent vehicle service and car wash behind the Gulf fuel station will be making big changes in August.  The plans they submitted in the summer of 2014 were well thought out and met with no opposition.  Russ, a co-director now tells me that they are in the position to demolish the old building and incorporate the car wash in the new one.  The plans can be viewed on AVDC planning website - ref. 14/01684/APP where you can also magnify them in order to get a clearer view of how the site will look when finished.  In the application Russ and Rob anticipated taking on a receptionist and another technician.  They opened for business in the summer of 2007 and by stint of hard work and by placing customer service as a top priority they have created a business to be proud of and a significant asset to the village.  I bought a Hyundai, not one of the four on their advertising board two years ago, but they provided the annual service and arranged the MOT recently.  They have also been quick to deal with minor niggles. They are also frequent financial supporters of local charity fund raising events.  The expenditure on the new build has reduced that this year, but they sponsor a local cricket club at Cublington.  This is a business which will continue to grow and remain an integral part of our village.  They have a good website at www.vass-tech.co.uk.